Instructions for scheduling and using instruments with iLab

Booking instrument time in iLab (CrossLab)

  1. Navigate to on your mobile device or a computer
  2. Click Time Booking
  3. Click Book Instrument Time through iLab.  Enter your credentials if prompted.
  4. You should see Schedule Resources page. If you do not see it - click [Schedule Equipment] button.
  5. Click an instrument name.
  6. Click a schedule name for the time period you need.
  7. Click and drag from starting time a minimum of 10 min.
  8. Select and confirm name/fund
  9. Reservation window opens: scroll to Times section
  10. Click pencil icon to adjust times (if needed). If you made changes - click [Save] button.
  11. Scroll to Payment Information section
  12. Select FOP (Activity Code), which is your account number for billing.
  13. Click [Save Reservation]

NOTE: Reservation may be edited or deleted up to the start time. Please, delete ASAP if your plans change to let other users use the instrument time! To delete: click your reservation in a schedule, click black rectangle popup button, click [Delete Reservation] button.

Using instruments with Kiosk

NOTE: Users of Stepan 400 must use a mobile device because workstation browser does not work with Kiosk.

  1. Come to NMR/EPR room on time. You are allowed to start up to 9 min earlier if schedule is free before your reservation.
  2. Sanitize workstation
  3. Log into Kiosk on your mobile device or a computer workstation:
    1. Navigate to
    2. Click Time Booking
    3. Click Start Using the Instrument: Kiosk
    4. Click [Go to Kiosk]
    5. Click [Start] on your reservation
      IMPORTANT NOTE: You must start your session within 8 min from beginning of your time. If you did not—your reservation is automatically canceled and labeled "no-show". Before you can a start Kiosk session again, you will need to make a new time reservation (provided that instrument time is still available)!
  4. Continue to using the instrument.
  5. While doing your work, check Kiosk page once in a while: refresh page or click [View] to see how much time is left
  6. If you need more time you may be able to extend it in Kiosk. However, you are only allowed to do it when you are  in the last 15 min of your reservation:
    1. Kiosk shows [Extend] button if time on the schedule after your reservation was not booked. Click [Extend] and choose additional amount of time.
    2. If you don't see this green button, it means that there is another user starting immediately after you. You must finish your experiments before your time ends!
  7. When done with the spectrometer:
    1. for NMR: insert standard sample, lock on CDCl3
      for EPR: shut down entire system is next user has not arrived.
    2. quit control software (Topspin or Xenon)
    3. click [Finish] in Kiosk, then [Finish Session]
  8. Sanitize workstation