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Jaroslav Zajicek

Jaroslav Zajicek, Director

Jaroslav Zajicek obtained his Diploma (M.S.) in 1970 from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, for his work on the structure of silver (dinitrodialaninato-cobaltate) using x-ray and neutron diffraction (1970). He earned his CSc (Ph.D.) in experimental physics from the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1980, where he studied internal mobility of poly(methylmethacrylate) in concentrated solutions by NMR spectroscopy methods. After completion of his doctoral training, he worked (1980-91) as a senior NMR spectroscopist in the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic. In 1991, he moved to Washington State University in Pullman, where he managed the University NMR Spectroscopy Center from 1991 to 1995. He joined the faculty in the University of Notre Dame in March 1995. He is a professional specialist and a director of the Magnetic Resonance Research Center.  

His current interests are applications of NMR spectroscopy techniques to study structures and dynamics of proteins, natural products and carbohydrates. 

He received the European Biochemical Society Fellowship Award in 1984.

Selected Publications

  1. Koepp A. E., Hezari M., Zajicek J., Vogel B. S., LaFever R. E., Lewis N. G., Croteau R., (1995), Cyclization of Geranylgeranyl Diphosphate to Taxa 4(5),11(12)-diene is the Committed Step of Taxol Biosynthesis in Pacific Yew, J. Biol. Chem.270, 8686-8690.
  2. Chang Y., Zajicek J., Castellino F. J., (1997), Role of Tryptophan-63 of the Kringle 2 Domain of Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator in Its Thermal Stability, Folding, and Ligand Binding Properties, Biochemistry 36, 7652-7663.
  3. Drew K. N., Zajicek J., Bondo G., Bose B., Serianni A. S., (1998), 13C-labeled aldopentoses: detection and quantification of cyclic and acyclic forms by heteronuclear 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy, Carbohydr. Res.307, 199-209.
  4. Bose B., Zajicek J., Bondo G., Zhao S., Kubsch M., Carmichael I., Serianni A. S., (2000), Deuterium Nuclear-Spin-Lattice Relaxation Times and Quadrupolar Coupling Constants in Isotopically Labeled Saccharides, J. Mag. Res. 144, 207-216.
  5. Zajicek J., Chang Y., Castellino F. J., (2000), The Effects of Ligand Binding on the Backbone Dynamics of the Kringle 1 Domain of Human Plasminogen, J. Mol. Biol.301, 333-347.
  6. Thomas K. G., Zajicek J., Kamat P. V., (2002), Surface Binding Properties of Tetraoctylammonium Bromide Capped-Gold Nanoparticles, Langmuir 18, 3722-3727.
  7. Dai Q., Zajicek J., Castellino F. J., Prorok M., (2003), Binding and Orientation of Conantokins in PL Vesicles and Aligned PL Multilayers, Biochemistry 43, 12511-12521.
  8. Kim C., Hesek D., Zajicek J., Vakulenko S. B., Mobashery S., (2006), Characterization of the Bifunctional Aminoglycoside-Modifying Enzyme ANT(3”)-Ii/AAC(6’)-IId from Serratia Marcescens,Biochemistry 45, 8368-8377.
  9. Toth M., Zajicek J., Kim C., Chow J. W., Smith C., Mobashery S., Vakulenko S. B., (2007), Kinetic Mechanism of Enterococcal Aminoglycoside Phosphotransferase 2”-Ib, Biochemistry46, 5570-5578.
  10. Badarau A., Shi Q., Chow J. W., Zajicek J., Mobashery S., Vakulenko S., (2008), Aminoglycoside 2”-Phosphotransferase Type IIIa from EnterococcusJ. Biol. Chem.2
  11. Insaido F. K., Zajicek J., Baker B. M., (2009), A General and Efficient Approach for NMR Studies of Peptide Dynamics in Class I MHC Peptide Binding Grooves, Biochemistry 48, 9708-9710.
  12. Wang M., Zajicek J., Geiger J.H., Prorok M., Castellino F. J., (2010), Solution Structure of the Complex of VEK-30 and Plasminogen Kringle-2, J. Struct. Biol. 169, 349-359.
  13. O'Daniel P. I., Zajicek J., Zhang W., Shi Q., Fisher J. F., Mobashery S., (2010), Elucidation of the Structure of the Membrane anchor of Penicillin-Binding Protein-5 of Escherichia coli, JACS 132, 4110-4118.
  14. Hesek D., Lee M., Zajicek J., Fisher J. F., Mobashery S., (2012), Synthesis and NMR Characterization of Z,Z,Z,Z,E,E,w-Heptaprenol, JACS 134, 13881-8.


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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Justin Pontius

Justin Pontius, Research Specialist

Justin Pontius, Research Specialist, joined the NMR team at Notre Dame in 2011. His major responsibilities include maintenance of all NMR systems, user familiarization and training. He has a wide range of experience in communication systems that utilize radar and digital radio technology.

Justin joined the US Navy in 2000 and was trained as an Electronics Technician, specializing in radar and communications at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center.  After graduation in 2001, he was assigned to the guided missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG-56), where he maintained all shipboard external communication systems, radars, and TV/radio systems.  In 2005, Justin was reassigned to Tactical Training Group Pacific in San Diego, Calif., and led a team of nine personnel installing and maintaining analog and digital radio systems that linked San Diego, Washington, Hawaii, and Japan.  In 2007, he was sent to a forward operation base in Ethiopia to provide communications for a remote Seabee team building schools and digging wells during Operation Enduring Freedom.  He also provided onboard satellite communications for the Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 461, flying in CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters.  In early 2008, Justin left the navy to start a career with JEOL USA Inc.  There he installed, maintained and troubleshot all variants JEOL NMR systems.


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556 

Phone: (574) 631-7601 
Fax: (574) 631-6652
Email: jpontius@nd.edu