Instrument Use Policy

164 Stepan Addition Lab

Rules for Reservation and Use of NMR Spectrometers


  • Daily time count uses the US military time scale (0:00 – 24:00).

  • Given week: a time period starting on Monday at 0:00 and including Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday until Sunday at 24:00 (midnight).

  • Given day: a day in which user makes the instrument reservation.

General Rules

  • Please be considerate and use professional courtesy when reserving and operating the spectrometers.
  • A user can reserve any instrument for which he/she is trained for the allowable period up to 6 days from a given day. The given day is counted as a day number one.
  • Users should begin using the reserved instrument promptly at the beginning of the reserved period.
  • Users should promptly finish using the reserved instrument when their reserved period expires.
  • If a user finishes using the reserved instrument before the end of the reserved period, he/she should promptly delete their remaining reserved time.
  • If a user does not use the instrument which he/she reserved and does not cancel his/her reservation, he/she will be charged for the entire reserved time at the instrument hourly rate.
  • A user may not reserve a second instrument for more than 2 hours if he/she is using another spectrometer during that time.
  • A user who has reserved an instrument may stop another user’s experiment and log him/her out of the host computer if the instrument is being used by another who has not reserved time. However, the user must recheck the time and date to be certain that he/she has actually reserved the time.
  • A user is not allowed to reboot any computer in the NMR facility. He/she should promptly report problems with any NMR spectrometer to the NMR facility personnel and place a sign “Instrument out of order” on the computer keyboard.
  • If any ambiguity in interpretation of any rule occurs, the interpretation of that rule by the Chemistry Department chair will be effective. Until the chair makes a decision, interpretation of the questioned rule by the NMR facility personnel will be effective.

Instrument specific rules can be found by clicking on the blue question mark icon Question on the scheduling website.